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SI CONSULTORES is an Argentine company, based in Avellaneda but developed throughout the country. With a wide trajectory of 28 years, it offers consultancy for companies and measurements in security, occupational health and environment. Being a company with so many years its visual identity was modified and diversified to respond to the different needs that were presented. In that way, it was losing uniqueness and pregnancy, so they needed a brand redesign.

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Client: SI Consultores



SI CONSULTORES is like a molecule that joins your company to enhance it and make it grow from the control and monitoring of each of its processes.

Development of the system: The first thing that was done was to refresh the design of the isologotype, anchoring us in its strengths, we seek to strengthen it formally, systematize its use and open the color palette and graphic resources. It was decided that each work area be represented by an icon and a color and from this decision the rest of the system was structured.

DEVELOPED PIECES: Folder / Letterhead / Cards / Signature of emails / Posters / Flyer / Website.


Corporate websites serve to give the information of the brand of the company and its products or services in an orderly manner and easily accessible for users.

Website: The central piece to develop was the website, which showed the good functioning of the visual system. In our proposal we prioritize the functionality of the site and the representativeness of the area, since one of the objectives was to understand what service they provided. For this, we worked with photography as a strong resource of the site and generated a series of posters per service area, which was incorporated as a downloadable material on the site.

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