The initiative arises from two entrepreneurs who wanted to create a brand of T-shirts. They had the idea and knowledge of production but they needed a name, a brand, an identity that reflects the message they wanted to convey through the product and a broad communication system that gives them the possibility to launch the brand but also sustain it over time.

We created a work schedule by stages that allowed us to have the necessary time for the development of each instance. The work began with a deep task of analyzing the context in which the brand was going to move, user profiles were generated, the attributes to be communicated and the first graphic records were generated. From this search arises the name: Hábito. The signs of the brand were designed thinking of a young and risky user, urban but strongly linked to nature. The idea of ​​'being a protagonist' gained strength and gave rise to a graphic with a masculine character and an adventurous imprint.

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Client: Hábito