El Gato & la Caja

Branding - Editorial

The project of 'El Gato y La Caja' was one year old and they asked us to make a book, a yearbook. The complexity was given on the one hand because the project from its genesis was designed for a digital environment, to work on a website. This raises a logic of movement, of intertextuality, of links and links difficult to sustain in a conventional editorial piece. On the other hand, the identity of the project, strongly linked to scientific content and the personality of the project managers, had to be transferred to the graphic resources to be used and we did not have a solid identity system. The third challenge had to do with the large amount of content to include and the little time we had. This strongly conditioned both the design itself, as well as the time and production of the piece.

We analyze the content and generate an editorial narrative coherent with the identity of the project. This story structured us conceptually and graphically and allowed us to quantify the resources that we needed to generate. Understanding the nature and character of the project was key to generating the visual world that accompanies it. We codify the information by thematic areas and by typology: general text, highlights, tweets, links / links, content to be infographed, illustrations, icons, etc. The systematization was key to be able to solve the piece and work in a collaborative way both with the client and with the other people who intervened (as illustrators or proofreaders). All this without losing the freshness, rhythm, tone and personal touch in the design of each page.

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Client: El Gato & la Caja