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AATA is the Argentine Association of Assistive Technology. What do they do? They seek to promote access and effective use of Asistant Technology resources to facilitate active, inclusive participation of people with disabilities.

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Client: AATA

Web: www.aata-inclusion.org.ar

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Assistive technology allows people to lead a more participatory, healthier, more productive, independent and dignified life as it facilitates taking part in education, the labor market and social life.

The Association asked us to design a simple site but with visual impact; easy to read, especially since it must reach a very wide age range; and to communicate in a simple way what AATA does and how it helps with the use of Assistive Technology the lives of many people.

Creating a digital branding for the site

The Association gave us all the textual content to put on the website and its logo, but did not have an identity system or images. Therefore, the first step was to create a digital branding that would allow us to expand the AATA universe. As a second instance, a simple and easy-to-navigate Wordpress site was designed.